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How to Play

Traditionally, the game has no limit to the number of players, but 5-6 players seems to be an ideal number. Before you begin, determine the unit that you will be using (e.g. pennies, candies, etc.) To play, first everyone antes in one unit. Then, the first player spins, and follows the directions on the topside of the top:

# (Take #) = Spinner takes that number of units from the pot.
# (Put #) = Spinner puts that number of units in the pot.
(Take All) = Spinner gets to take the whole pot!
(All Put) = ALL players must put ONE unit in the pot.

Play until you have a winner, or until a pre-determined number of turns have been taken. Have fun!


There are an endless number of variations of Parta Ola that you can enjoy. Simply replace the unit with whatever you can imagine, and transform the traditional game into something a little different!


Parta Ola Tops